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About Myriah

Myriah Palow, LMT, CMLDT, RP, CYT-200

Myriah began her journey in 2010 when she was diagnosed with Scoliosis and Hyperglycemia. She was given the options of insulin and painkillers or a change of lifestyle. Deciding upon a different lifestyle, Myriah struggled to find the help and information she needed to treat her illnesses and decrease her pain levels.

By 2016 Myriah had discovered and become certified as a Yoga Instructor, focusing on spinal movement and flexibility. After that she took a turn to the spiritual, becoming certified as a Reiki Practitioner. These practices helped her immensely, but her craving for more knowledge got the better of her. So, in 2017 she signed up for a two year Massage Therapy course at the Downeast School of Massage. By the time she graduated in 2019, her passion for bodywork had ignited and grown to a full blaze. 

Since opening the doors to her own studio in 2021, Myriah has begun a self-study in nutrition and completed a Manual Lymphatic Drainage course. 


Her hope is to help facilitate the healing of others by incorporating all that she knows into her sessions, and to provide the information she wishes she had when she began her own healing journey.

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