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About Myriah 


In 2010 Myriah began studying holistic medicine after being diagnosed with hyperglycemia and scoliosis. Refusing painkillers and insulin, she embarked on a journey to heal naturally by way of exercise and food exploration. Which led her towards her future career as a therapist. In 2015 Myriah decided she wanted to find a way to provide for those struggling with self care and signed up for a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. Immediately following graduation, Myriah began studying Reiki, completing all three levels throughout the course of two years. In 2017 a sudden desire to learn bodywork brought her to the Downeast School of Massage. And it was through that course that her passion for bodywork ignited and grew to a full blaze. She began practicing her new skill immediately, incorporating all that she had learned in the previous years. It took her some time, but she finally opened her own space in 2021, enjoying the joys and struggles of becoming a business owner. After settling into a rhythm of her own, Myriah went back to the books and became certified in Lymphatic Drainage. She was astonished by her love of the practice, and plans to further her knowledge with an Oncology class in the near future. 

Myriah struggled to find the help and information she needed at the beginning of her journey.

Her hope is to help facilitate the healing of others by incorporating all that she knows into her sessions, and to provide the information she wishes she had at the beginning of it all.

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