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Massage Therapy

Myriah's style of massage is a combination of Therapeutic and Relaxation. She customizes each session; giving each client a different experience that fulfills their individual needs and comfortability. 

60min   $85

90min   $110

Manual Lymphatic Drainage​

The often overlooked Lymphatic System! It is an important piece of the immune system that maintains fluid balance and helps the body absorb fats and fat soluble nutrients. This practice is gentle, slow, and rhythmic.

60min   $85

90min   $110


Rei - Universal Life

Ki - Energy

This is a spiritual practice that assists in moving energy through the chakras.

It is soft, soothing, and can help with traumas on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

60min   $85


Myriah's own practice is slow and deep.

She enjoys creating sequences for others in one-on-one sessions that target their needs and meets their capabilities.

60min   $70

*In-home sessions for those who qualify.

Please contact for more info.

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